Migrating Natural to Java

This white paper explores the key business drivers for making the step from Natural to Java, and how our tools make this transition possible.

It explains the benefits of Astadia's solution over other approaches, and demystify the migration process with a step-by-step look at the way Natural can be transformed into working, maintainable Java code.

Why Migrate from Adabas & Natural?

There are many good reasons to make the move from Natural to Java, but the following are the largest concerns for businesses:

  • High (and continuously increasing) maintenance and runtime fees for the existing Natural products
  • Shrinking availability of Natural developers and lack of interest in Natural from young developers
  • Lack of an easy transition path from the mainframe version of Natural to its Linux, Unix, and Windows platform versions

Java offers answers to all the above concerns. Download the white paper and contact our team to learn more.

For an extensive and detailed documentation, our Natural to Java Research Paper is available upon request.

Download the White Paper

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