More customers today than ever before areturning to Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the future state for their mainframe workloads. All market trends point to historic levels of interest and action from organizations who are realizing the cloud can match the performance, reliability, and security they are accustomed to on the mainframe.

In this document, we will explore:

  • Why modernize a mainframe
  • The challenges associated with mainframe modernization
  • An overview of the IBM mainframe
  • The IBM Mainframe to AWS Reference Architecture
  • An overview of AWS services
  • A look at the Astadia FastTrack Methodology


Main reasons for migrating your mainframe to AWS:

  • Shortage of mainframe skills and talent
  • High and sometimes exploding costs, and the realization operating costs can be reduced 60-80% per year in AWS
  • Enterprise agility and the need to do business in new ways and innovate at increasingly fast paces

This document is part of the Mainframe-to-Cloud Modernization Series that leverages Astadia’s 25+ years of mainframe platform modernization expertise.

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