Fast-Track Your Mainframe Modernization Journey

Mainframe modernization is a tremendously complex undertaking. Every project scenario is unique, requiring a carefully considered approach to assessing current system attributes, designing the desired end state, and managing the migration of applications and data.

Traditionally, project managers have chosen to mitigate risk by limiting scope (that is, by adopting a “least change” philosophy), or by taking an incremental approach in which major subsystems are migrated one at a time. In either case, trade-offs appear inevitable. Something has to give. A third option has emerged that defies this paradigm altogether.

The Industrialization of Mainframe to Cloud Migration

It is the industrialization of mainframe-to-cloud migration; a process in which planning, design, testing, and execution are integrated into a fully-automated “factory” approach that allows for unlimited iterations of testing using actual production data, at virtually zero marginal cost.

In this white paper, we’ll take a deeper dive into the concept of industrialized migration to offer a more complete picture of how it works and the tremendous value it provides.

Main topics

  • A New Approach to Mainframe Migration
  • Industrialization: Three Levels of Automation
  • Introducing the Astadia FastTrack Factory
  • Game-Changing Technology
  • An Overview of the FastTrack Factory Concept
  • Automated Migration and Testing Tools
  • A Holistic Approach to Automated Migration

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